Invisalign® The Clear Alternative to Braces


Invisalign consists of a series of clear plastic aligners that gradually and precisely move teeth into place. Unlike metal braces, they can be removed and only need to be worn 20 to 22 hours in a day. Invisalign has been proven for over a decade to get similar results to traditional metal braces in most cases of crooked, crowded or gapped teeth and poorly aligned bites.

Dr. Jahangiri provides Invisalign to adults of any age and to teens whose adult dentition has fully erupted. Treatment is about the same length as traditional braces. It costs about the same, and Invisalign is covered under most dental insurance policies.


Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to invisibly straighten teeth.

Invisalign Teen

Dr. Jahangiri is also an Invisalign Teen provider. Many teens prefer Invisalign over traditional metal braces for its superior aesthetics and greater comfort. Teens can enjoy the important moments of their lives without braces marring their smiles. Invisalign Teen includes some nifty benefits to ensure success—we provide six spare aligners in case of loss, and indicators embedded in the aligners show how much they have been worn. Even so, studies by Invisalign have shown that, on average, teens are very compliant and wear their aligners for the correct amount of time.

Invisalign Express

In cases of minor crowding and spacing, we offer Invisalign Express. Dr. Jahangiri has found Invisalign Express to be a great tool for patients who want quick treatment of cosmetic issues, especially for the front teeth—and Invisalign Express only takes four to five months.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign’s greatest virtue is its virtual invisibility, but it has other advantages as well. The smooth, comfortable plastic of the Invisalign aligners can be less irritating than metal braces, and you can take out the aligners to eat whatever you want, as well as to brush and floss your teeth.

Complimentary Invisalign Consultation

invisalignDr. Jahangiri provides a complimentary consultation to determine whether you qualify for Invisalign treatment.

Your visit will include:

  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Discuss your goals and concerns
  • Review your treatment options
  • Get any questions answered

Call (949) 646-7707 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Invisalign Special Offer

We are offering $2000 off toward Invisalign treatment that includes a free consultation. This offer is for new and current patients.

*One coupon per person. The offer is not valid on previous treatment or treatment that has already begun. May not be combined with other special offers, insurance or reduced-fee programs.

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